What do you mean by Designated Designer?

Will my design request be handled by the same designer every time?
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When you put out content on a regular basis, you would want to give your audience visual cues to help them identify your brand whenever they find any communication from your end. This is achieved through visual consistency in your communications.

We understand this need and hence we map you with a professional designated design with each subscription.

What does it mean?

Simply, it means that each design request in your queue will be assigned to the same designer, every time so that your designs are brand consistent.

What if my primary designer is absent?

We have got you covered. Every designer with us is mapped to a quality team who looks after each project that we create and deliver to you. Now, if your primary designer is absent, we will keep a backup designer trained for your brand so that s/he can take up the load immediately. Please be rest assured of the backup designer's quality as the designer will be well trained on your brand and also the quality team will be the same so that all your works are thoroughly checked and delivered.

Does designated mean the designer is exclusively working for me?

The concept of a designated designer means that all your design requests will primarily move to the same designer. However, it doesn't mean that the designer will be working exclusively for you. Our designers are mapped to other clients as well. This is how we can bring the cream talents while still keeping our prices low.

For different subscriptions, there is a different designer? Will that not break my brand consistency?

As mentioned above, all your designs go to the quality team first and then get delivered to you. Now, the quality team thoroughly knows about your brand, and they are well capable of training other designers and checking brand consistency in each design being delivered to you.

More than this, we have strict SOPs in place that make sure your design quality is well taken care of.

Can I have the same designer for more than one subscription?

Yes, you can. But that depends upon the slot availability of the designer. In case you have such a need, kindly approach your project manager and request the same. If possible, we will make the arrangements for you.

What if I don't like my designer's work?

It happens sometimes that you may not like the work of a designer assigned to you or you are stuck with your designer and now want to see some more variety. No sweat. Just let us know and we will change the designer in one business day.

Hope I could answer most of the queries related to this topic. In case you want to know more, please book a demo call here.

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