What to expect with multiple subscriptions? What happens when I scale down?
Written by Anand Shah
Updated 1 year ago

The subscription model of Doodl Space is designed keeping in mind the different bandwidth requirements of different organizations. This makes our service perfectly usable for startups and also a big organizations with high volume requirements.

Let's understand how this works--

With each subscription, you are mapped with one designated designer who works on your queue on a daily basis. As we are a human-based service, there is a certain limit to our daily productivity (read more about how turnaround time works).

In case for a certain period, you have a higher level of per day output requirement, you can upscale the service anytime, while downscale when there is no need. This way you can have great flexibility in balancing your creative demand without any fear of underutilization or urgent hiring.

When can I upscale/downscale? How much do I pay?

You can upscale anytime. Even in the middle of a month. In case you are upscaling in between your current billing cycle, you will be charged the prorated amount till the end of the current billing cycle.

In case you downscale in between your current billing cycle, the current number of subscriptions will continue till the end of the billing date after which the subscription downscale will take effect.

Hope I could answer most of the queries related to this topic. In case you want to know more, please book a demo call here.

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