One Project at a Time

What does this mean?
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Doodl Space is a human-based service.
This means whenever you send in a request it is attended by a creative human in the backend.
So in order to preserve the quality of work, your designer works in a sequence in your queue.

Let's assume you have one subscription (=1 designated designer) and now imagine you have given 5 design requests at a time (D1,..., D5) in that order.

The next morning when your designer sees your queue, she will pick D1 first, will send you the first draft, and then will move to D2 and so on. This way of working in a sequence is what we define in a phrase-- "One Project at a Time".

How are revisions handled?

Important question. Your revisions become our highest priority in your queue. So if the designer has sent you D1 and while she was working on D2, a revision of D1 comes up, she will first solve the revision and will then move to D3.

How can I increase the output level per day, then?

Simply by upscaling the number of subscriptions. For example, if you have 2 subscriptions (=2 designated designers) and the same number of design requests (D1,..., D5) in that order, Designer 1 will pick up D1, and Designer 2 will pick up D2 simultaneously, thus increasing your output per day. This way you can scale up to as many subscriptions as your number of output required per day.

Hope I could answer most of the queries related to this topic. In case you want to know more, please book a demo call here.

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