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How much time do we take for a design?
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Cut-off Time

Designing requires some level of research and ideation. Hence, Doodl Space observes a cut-off time for any new design requests or priority changes, so that your designer knows the task for the day without confusion, which helps them maintain their quality and efficiency.

It means that any request for new design or priority updates given past the cut-off time will be considered only in the next business day.

As per Indian Standard Time, the current cut-off time is observed at 10 AM from Monday to Friday.

Please note that Cut-off Time doesn’t apply to revision requests and we solve them as fast as possible for us. Also, in case of any contingency, if you miss the cut-off time and want your designer to pick up the design request on the same day, just let us know. Based on the progress of your queue on that day, we will try our best to accommodate your request, if possible.

Turnaround Time

In short– You can somewhere expect 1-2 outputs per day with one subscription in our Graphics Plan, and 2-4 days turnaround for 1 video task. These numbers are just estimates and may change due to the factors we describe below–

To understand how long a creative would take to get done, let’s get the general rule clear–

A. Simple designs are done faster. Complex/Bulkier designs may take a little longer.

B. Creatives are highly subjective, so one time doesn’t fit all.

Your turnaround time depends upon the following factors–

  1. Quality of your design brief– For each request you send in, there will be a human on the other side to process and solve it. So, the better you explain in the brief, the clearer the designer will understand it, and the faster she can deliver the work with quality. We have historically seen that briefs that are well structured with content and description get delivered faster with a higher satisfaction rate.
  2. Number of Revisions– We work in a sequence. Once we get your revision request, it becomes our highest priority, before all your other design requests (if not stated otherwise). Our goal is to minimize the quality revisions by putting in a quality control mechanism before the designs are delivered to you.
  3. Your highest priorities are solved first followed by the next in line. Turnaround time is calculated from the time the design is picked by the designer.

Complexity & Bulkiness of the request–
Let’s get into a bit of numbers–

Complexity means how much work is required to create a design. For example, 

– 1 design in which we need to cut multiple images to create it

– 1 design with heavy detailing

– 1 design with 2-3 completely different variations

Bulkiness means–
– 1 Google ad with 8 sizes adapts

– A 10-slide Pitch Deck

– Multi-Page brochure

Let’s see some creative type examples and how much time it may take as an estimate–

Design Type

TAT Estimate*

Single Page Digital & Print Graphics

Social media posts/ads, Web banners, Blog Headers, Flyers, Pamphlets, Photo Editing, E-commerce creatives, Thumbnails, Labels, Signage, Posters, etc.

1-2 output per business day

Multi-Page (Digital, Print, or Text Heavy)

Brochure, Presentation Deck, Menu design, Web mockups, E-books, Carousels

1-2 business days per 1-8 pages

Box Packaging (multi-sided)

Approx 2 business days for 4 sides


Approx 1 business day per 2-3 sec GIFs

Custom Illustrations

Approx 1-2 business days for sketching and 1 business day for final output

Brand Guidelines

Approx 1-2 business days

Logo Designs

Approx 1-3 business days for 3 concepts.

Short-form animations & video editing

Intro Outro Video, Animated Typography, Animated Title Slides, Combining/Editing Raw Footage(30 sec), Logo Animation, Social Media Reels

Approx 1-2 business days

Long-form animations & video editing

Combining/Editing Raw footage (>30 sec), Cinemagraphs, Animating Static Design, advanced GIFs(including motions and effects),
Social media short motion Videos, Simple Character animation, Infographic animation, Slideshow videos, Product highlights, Template Editing, Transparent ads, Simple explainer videos, Educational videos

Approx 2-4 business days

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