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How many brands & users can one subscription support?
Written by Anand Shah
Updated 1 year ago


Do you have a multi-brand company or do you run an agency that has multiple clients? No sweat. We support unlimited brands under each subscription. All you need is to fill up the brand profile form (that we give once you sign up) as many times as the number of brands you want to assign to us. We will make sure that your designer gets well trained on the brand to deliver the expected aesthetics.

Please note that the fundamental workflow in which your design requests will be solved, is one task at a time, irrespective of the number of brands assigned. In case you want multiple tasks to be performed at the same time and increase your output levels per day, you can consider scaling up the number of subscriptions. In order to understand this in detail, you can read our article on scalability.


Do you have multiple people in your team who will send us design requests? All you need is to let us know and we will send them the portal invite to sign up and start sending the tasks and also have visibility on other team members' requests.

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